Hudya AB (publ) Year-end report 2019


Third and Fourth quarter in figures

  • Net sales of MSEK 60.9 (48.0)
  • EBITDA of MSEK -57.8 (-12.5)
  • EBIT of MSEK -76.5 (-77.3)
  • Earnings for the period were MSEK -91.2 (73.9)
  • Earnings per share amounted to SEK -4.05 (-3.89)
  • At 31 December, cash and cash equivalents were MSEK 14.6 (14.0)

Full year in figures

  • Net sales MSEK 144.0 (106.2)
  • EBITDA of MSEK -74.0 (-26.6)
  • EBIT of MSEK -102.5 (-94.7)
  • Earnings for the period were MSEK -121.9 (-92.1)
  • Earnings per share amounted to SEK -5.41 (-4.84)
  • At 31 December, cash and cash equivalents were MSEK 14.6 (14.0)

Significant events during the period

  • On 12 July 2019, the Company’s subsidiary Hudya Group AS entered into an agreement to purchase 100 percent of the shares in Payr AS and its subsidiary Conversionist AS for NOK 81,718,494. As consideration for the transaction, Hudya Group AS has issued loan notes to the sellers, which at the completion of the transaction were used to subscribe for 5,714,580 shares in Hudya Group AS for a total of NOK 81,718,494, corresponding to the subscription price in Hudya Group AS of NOK 14.30 per share. The transaction was completed on 30 November 2019. Prior to the completion of the transaction, the permission to carry out payment brokering that Payr AS had previously been granted by the financial supervisory authority of Norway (Finanstilsynet) was returned.

Significant events after the end of the period

  • On 14 February 2020, Hudya AB’s shares were listed at Nasdaq First North Growth Market. The Offering included a maximum of 5,090,910 shares, amounting to approximately MSEK 70 before transaction costs. The price per share in the Offering was SEK 13.75. The minimum portion was 400 shares. The Offering was subscribed to an extent of approximately MSEK 12.25, equivalent to approximately 17.5 percent, by the general public and to an extent of approximately MSEK 57.75, equivalent to approximately 82.5 percent, by underwriters. Approximately 740 investors have subscribed and been allotted shares, meaning that the total number of shareholders is well above 6.000 in Hudya. The share is traded under the ticker «HUDYA».
  • Hudya has signed an agreement with the Norwegian mobile company Sponz AS to purchase their customer portfolio of mobile telephony customers. The portfolio consists of 5 000 mobile telephony customers on the Norwegian market. Hudya pays SEK 1300 per customer for this customer base. The payment is made through shares in Hudya AB. The purchase price corresponds to 628,019 shares at a price of SEK 10.35 per share. The customer portfolio was transferred on 1 March this year.

For further information, please contact:

Hanne Ek, CFO
Phone: +47 926 62 379

Mail: hanne@hudya.no

Morten Kvam, Chief Communications Officer
Phone: +47 930 28 970
Mail: mk@hudya.no


About Hudya
Hudya AB is an innovative Scandinavian fintech company with operations in Sweden, Denmark and Norway and has approximately 220 employees. Hudya creates technical solutions for a simpler economic life, aiming to save customers time and money. Hudya has built a unique digital platform, gathering services that individuals and businesses need. Today, mobile, electricity, insurance and refinancing are offered with friendly terms, prices and customer service. The company has international ambitions and is working to develop and distribute services at a low cost regardless of country, starting in Scandinavia. To date, the company has 97,000 registered users in Norway. The company was listed 14 February 2020 on Nasdaq First North Growth Market in Stockholm.

FNCA Sweden AS is the company’s Certified Adviser. Tel. +46 (0) 8 528 00 399. E-mail: info@fnca.se.

For further information about Hudya, please visit hudyagroup.com

This press release contains such information that Hudya AB (publ) is required to publish in accordance with the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was published for public disclosure on 26 March 2020 at 12:00 CET through the agency of the contact persons set out above.

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