Hudya Group has acquired Aconto.no AS and Lendr AS


Hudya Group has acquired two of the most important players within distribution of loans and mortgages in Norway, Aconto.no AS and Lendr AS.

With this acquisition, Hudya has established its fourth business area, banking – after telephony, power and insurance already being established.

This is a very important next step in Hudya’s fintech-strategy, and the acquisition gives the Hudya platform access to considerable customer volumes, an important level of revenues, a strong bottom line, as well as relevant competence within the banking industry – a competence based upon 25 years of business of the acquired companies.

Great synergies for Aconto and Hudya

The previous owners and the management of Aconto and Lendr have invested a considerable amount in Hudya Group, and will continue to support the banking business, as well as to develop it further in Denmark and Sweden, contributing to take advantage of the synergies towards the Hudya platform.

Aconto.no AS and Lendr AS have got 38 employees, head office in Oslo and currently offices are being established at a Nordic level.

One of the main business papers of the Nordics, Finansavisen from Norway, has written an article about this acquisition, and it was printed in the paper version today, August 1st:

Hegnar.no also wrote about Hudya’s aquiring of Aconto and Lendr.

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