Coming soon: Hudya Mobile


Many mobile telephony customers are paying way too much for their data usage.

Usually the customers have to pay for different packages of mobile data, and very often they pay for more data usage than they actually need.

Hudya is doing something with this, launching Hudya Mobile.

We have created our smart Hudya Mobile subscription because we think it’s pointless that you are forced to buy 5 GB or 10 GB data packs, just to make sure you have the amount of data available that you might need.

So how we are solving this common problem? We want you to pay as you go!

Read our Mobile telephony blog regarding the Norwegian market.

Amongst other, you can learn that the Hudya Mobile customers will pay NOK 33,80 per extra GB, while other providers charge more than NOK 5.000,- for the same data usage, if you do not buy an extra data package!

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