Strong development for Hudya

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- Strong sales development, lower costs for customer acquisition and intent agreement with Optin Bank

The fintech company Hudya - which carries out a new share issue and listing process at the Nasdaq First North Growth Market - has had a strong development, both in terms of sales and ever-lower costs for customer acquisition. In addition, Hudya has signed an important letter of intent with Optin Bank regarding payment solutions.

- We are very pleased with how sales are developing and that we have low costs for our customer acquisition. An important part of our strong sales development is due to how Hudya uses AI to give our customers suggestions on how they can get lower costs in an easy way by choosing the right supplier in electricity, insurance, loans and mobile telephony. By constantly refining our methods, we manage to lower our costs by 80 percent to get new customers through our most successful campaign, says Børge Leknes, CEO of Hudya, and continues:
- Through the agreement with Optin Bank, Hudya will have access to technology for an efficient payment solution, which will make our expansion even faster.

Strong sales development
Today, Hudya offers customers a simple and flexible solution to lower their costs for mobile telephony, insurance, loans and telephony in the Norwegian market. Sales are developing strongly, above all through successful sales campaigns and an active cross-selling, where customers continuously receive suggestions on how they can easily lower their costs.
Mobile telephony has been an entry-level product to recruit new customers. During one of the autumn campaigns, the number of customers doubled from September to December last year. In January this year, the strong campaign trend continued, and the number of customers has further doubled compared to December 2019 in this campaign.

In 2020, Hudya will launch the much-appreciated service in Norway also in the Swedish and Danish markets. Here, the business will be built up based on the experiences the company has made in the Norwegian market.

Decreasing costs for customer acquisition
An important part of Hudya's profitability and growth development is to lower costs to acquire new customers. Here, the company has shown a very strong development. In the Norwegian market, Hudya, during its most important campaign in the fall of 2019, managed to lower the cost of customer acquisition by 80 percent from July / August to December / January.

Intention agreement with Optin Bank

Hudya has signed a letter of intent with Optin Bank. Under the agreement, Hudya will have access to Optin Bank's payment services technology, which creates the basis for a continued high expansion rate.

- Like Hudya and their subsidiary Payr, Optin Bank works with partners to integrate our technical solutions and products and offer them to both partners and customers. The collaboration with Hudya will create the conditions for offering Hudya's customers additional products and services, both in Norway and in other countries, says Harald Dahl Pedersen, CEO of Optin Bank.

For further information contact:
Børge Leknes, CEO
Phone: +47 934 80 312
Email: bl@hudya.no

About Hudya
Hudya AB is a forward-looking, Scandinavian fintech company with operations in Sweden, Denmark and Norway and about 250 employees. Hudya creates technical solutions for a simpler economic life and saves customers time and money. Hudya has built a unique digital platform where it has gathered services that individuals and businesses need. Today, mobile, electricity, insurance and refinancing are offered with friendly terms and prices. Hudya has international ambitions and is working to develop and distribute services to a low cost regardless of country, starting in Scandinavia. To date, the company has 60,000 registered users in Norway. The company will be listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market in Stockholm in February 2020.

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