Hudya AB’s CEO, Michael Sundins’ Letter to shareholders

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Dear shareholders,

It is an exciting challenge to take the responsibility as the CEO of Hudya AB (publ), a Company that just recently was listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market and the latest couple of years expanded significantly not only organically but also through an aggressive M&A strategy.

My short-term agenda will be focused on consolidation and integration of operations to create a homogeneous company that benefits from savings and synergies in the organization, the technological development and the product offerings. With the objective to strengthen the Group's financial position. Hudya as a group has to become cash flow positive and reach a stable equity ratio.

The above-mentioned challenge is not, as everyone understands, easily facilitated, since we are in the middle of a major global crisis with severe restrictions in everyday life with subsequent effects on the economy.

We will most likely see changes in consumer buying behavior - a before and after the Coronavirus effect. Hudya's business model with a digitalized range of cost-saving commodities is well situated to maintain and even strengthen its market position during the crisis with the potential to come out stronger when life returns to "normal".

With its geographical coverage and experience of the Scandinavian markets, Hudya also benefits from the various experiences that exist in the Group.

Although the road forward has major challenges, we can hopefully return to a fully functional society and normal activities in a relatively near future - something we all look forward to with confidence.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Sundin, CEO Hudya AB
Email: michael@hudya.no

About Hudya
Hudya AB is an innovative Scandinavian fintech company with operations in Sweden, Denmark and Norway and has approximately 220 employees. Hudya creates technical solutions for a simpler economic life, aiming to save customers time and money. Hudya has built a unique digital platform, gathering services that individuals and businesses need. Today, mobile, electricity, insurance and refinancing are offered with friendly terms, prices and customer service. The company has international ambitions and is working to develop and distribute services at a low cost regardless of country, starting in Scandinavia. To date, the company has 97,000 registered users in Norway. The company was listed 14 February 2020 on Nasdaq First North Growth Market in Stockholm.

FNCA Sweden AS is the company’s Certified Adviser. Tel. +46 (0) 8 528 00 399. E-mail: info@fnca.se

For further information about Hudya, see hudyagroup.com.

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