Hudya AB (publ) appoints Lago Kapital as liqudity provider



Hudya AB (publ) has entered into a Liquidity providing (LP) agreement with Lago Kapital Ltd on February 12 2020. 

According to the agreement Lago Kapital Ltd will quote bids and offers for Hudya AB (publ)'s share within the framework for NASDAQ Stockholm rules for liquidity provision. The spread of the bid and offer prices is a maximum of 4 per cent calculated on the bid price. The quotes on bid and offer must be at least 15.000 Swedish krona worth of shares. The intention is to promote liquidity in the share.

Lago Kapital Ltd shall quote bids and offers for Hudya AB (publ)'s share in the trading system of Nasdaq Stockholm on each trading day for at least 85 percent of the Continuous Trading period and in the auction procedures applicable to the share. 

Liquidity Providing in accordance with the agreement will commence on February 14 2020. The agreement will be in force initially for a fixed term of three (3) months and thereafter until further notice with a notice period of one (1) calendar months. 

Hudya AB (publ)

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Chief Communications Officer
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