Hudya’s sales success in Tromsø

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Benjamin Embrå is heading Hudya’s nothernmost office, our office in Tromsø.

From this beautiful city, Hudya is serving many of our customers. Starting with 4 employees last summer, Hudya now has got 9 highly skilled educators in Tromsø, and we are still recruiting.

We asked Benjamin about the reason behind the sales success by the Tromsø office, and he underlines the importance of the trust the customers have in Hudya, our transparent prices and that there are no bindings whatsoever.

– Hudya’s very competitive prices, and the fact that the customers may get all their everyday services from one provider, are factors that contribute to the excellent sales results from Tromsø, says Benjamin.

He also underlines the importance of the positive attitude and the energy amongst the employees as the most important internal reason for their success.

We are looking forward to the coming results!

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