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Two months ago, Andreas Kristensen started as Hudya’s Head of Business Sales. Since then, he has been busy spreading the word about the Hudya concept in the business market, offering a free economical health checkup. It’s been hard work and great fun!

– In this segment, we often find cost optimalization potential up to 20-30 %. We are confident that our concept really works; everyday services all in one place, fair and hassle-free, making it easy to keep control of the services. After talking to us, our clients are eager to get started and do the switch to Hudya, says Andreas.

He and his team of advisors provide power and insurance to reasonable prices and contracts, and a mobile subscription is soon available at the Hudya platform.

– One interesting finding is that many companies need to optimize their insurance contracts. They are often developing rapidly, and many forget to adjust their coverage properly as time goes by, he says.

– Unoptimized insurance contracts are extremely expensive.

Andreas’ team provide a thorough review of the customer’s needs to find the correct insurance coverage.

One hour of economical purchase agreement health checkup is free, and Andreas is more than happy to help.

– There are thousands to save. So far we have seen cost reduction at insurance agreements up to 30 %, and we have just got started!

Interested in an economical health checkup for your company?

Call Andreas Kristensen at + 47 464 16 560 or send him an e-mail at andreas@hudya.no

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