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Hudya is not a simple hub of several verticals. Actually, Hudya is much more than that.

The advantage for the customers in organizing their everyday services, all in one place, is intuitive and easy to understand for most people.

But there are also several other positive effects of the Hudya platform – platform effects – that affect Hudya’s business positively.

Hudya Group AS already has three of the planned six verticals in place – i.e. Hudya Mobile is soon to be launched.

By offering several services to the same customer using the Hudya platform, Hudya:

  1. reduces the costs per vertical per customer
  2. simplifies the processes in acquiring and keeping customers
  3. makes cross sales efficient
  4. reduces customer churn
  5. generates a high Life Time Value of the customers

Read the blog post and meet our Chief Communications Officer Morten Kvam to understand more of the Hudya platform effect.

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